Maintenance Leadman - Electrical/Manufacturing

Position Summary
Maintenance - Leadman A employed at Veritas Steel are responsible to insure that equipment is available when needed for all crews and shifts on schedule. Leadman A are to assist maintenance crew so that jobs are completed using less than the estimated hours with better than the operational standards for each operation.
Maintenance - Leadman A keep production from constraints, repair needed machines to run at optimum effectiveness, and develop improvements in maintenance processes to keep throughput at a maximum thus reducing expenses (non-productive activities, etc.). They must be able to meet high production demands in a timely manner and complete high quality work with expertise. Maintenance - Leadman A must also adhere to company policies to ensure a safe working environment.
Principle Duties and Responsibilities
o Assure safe equipment handling and repair techniques are utilized at all times by all personnel
o Advise floor supervisors of equipment repair status(s)
o Work with crews to accomplish production goals, and quality needs and requirements
o make sure that equipment is available to crews
o insure that equipment is adequately checked so that it is ready for the crews when needed
o Coordinate planning and execution with supervisors to schedule needed equipment & repairs
o Effectively communicate with crews from all shifts about equipment needs directly and use the communication log book
o Be an active member of the preplanning maintenance group
o Teach and mentor maintenance crew
o Ensure quality work is being performed - nothing is done or moves to the next step unless 100% good or future plan
o Ensure all documentation is filled out and accurate, work orders / log book
o When issues occur - stop and alert supervisor(s), discuss a solution
o Actively identify ways of improving performance
o Maintain a safe working area and clean up after task is done

Work relationships and Scope
Reports directly to shift supervisor and works closely with other employees on a daily basis
Measures of Performance
o Outstanding safety record:
no Serious Accidents involving injury and lost time
o On-time delivery of scheduled equipment needs
o Outstanding attendance record
o Decrease down time in area of responsibility due to innovations, streamlining of tasks, process improvements, effective management and lean manufacturing implementation
o Positive feedback from co-workers and supervisors on performance and competencies
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
o Identify problems of all equipment, find a safe solution in a timely manner, know where
o to go for needed resources, process paper work, maintain inventory using the
o implemented process(s)
o Prioritize, schedule and furnish projects to maintenance crew
o Effectively communicate with crews, supervisors, and office personnel
o Anticipate needs of equipment and inform supervisors of status(s)
o Coordinate work with all shops and yard crews
o Use personnel skills to enable crews to work effectively (communication, handle issues,
o prevent personnel problems)
o Use cost effective processes and solutions
Working Conditions
A Maintenance Leadman A working at Veritas Steel perform indoors in a large warehouse environment. There is regular exposure to dirt, dust, paint fumes, noise, moving equipment, heavy steel, and other possible hazardous conditions.
Earplugs, hardhats, respirator, safety glasses and steel-toed boots with metatarsal guards are required.
Equipment Operated
Paint and blast profile gauges, Paint pump (Graco), hoses, paint gun

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